How To Photograph My Property?

Here are a few pointers. Choose a bright day. Try and use natural daylight instead of flash photography. Avoid people wherever possible. Photograph all available areas and any unique features. Photograph rooms from different angles. Please supply high-resolution images, minimum of 1200 x 800 pixels.

How Much Can My Property Earn?

Fees vary on size of the size of a production, time involved and the impact on the property.

Preparation and reinstatement are charged at 50% of the daily rate. Any overtime will be charged at a pre-agreed rate.
LSW will negotiate the fee on your behalf once we have all the agreed requirements from the client.

What Does LSW Charge?

LSW take a 20% + VAT (if applicable) from the overall facility fee.
We charge the client a booking fee for the use of the library.

What Happens Once I Have Registered My Property?

We decide whether your property is suitable as location (let you know if not)
We create a page for your property and start promoting it as a location to our clients.

What Happens If Someone Is Interested?

We arrange a recce of your property at a time convenient to both parties. If the client wishes to use your property and you agree to the arrangement, The South West Location Company will negotiate a suitable fee on your behalf.
We will arrange a contract between you and the client of all pre-agreed filming arrangements, which will be signed by both parties.
A proof of public liability insurance from the client will be requested.
We will invoice the client and on receipt of the fee, we will take our 20% commission and pay you the outstanding.

What are the library fees?

There is no fee for a location to be registered on the website.
Library fees are a booking fee to clients.