The Eden Project

The Eden Project is a world-famous contemporary garden set in 13 hectares, featuring large geodesic domes (known as Biomes) in a former China Clay pit near St. Austell in Cornwall, UK.

The outdoor landscape covers the largest area and features gardens designed around various themes. There are areas which offer commanding views across to the Biomes as well as more secluded areas with a less recognisable backdrop.

The Rainforest Biome is the largest tract of rainforest outside of the tropics and covers an area of 1.5 hectares, divided into geographical regions. The planting is an authentic recreation of a rainforest and the structure offers excellent views across the canopy and of the geodesic roof structure. There are also many areas of thick growth, which could double for a real rainforest.

The Mediterranean Biome is just over half an hectare and features planted areas reminiscent of various parts of the Mediterranean and other temperate regions, such as South Africa and California. It boasts more open spaces than the Rainforest Biome and features a vibrant display of colour when its spring flowers are blooming.

Eden has nearly 9,000 types of plant from all over the world including crops, wild plants and ornamentals. These range from towering and majestic rainforest trees to the most delicate wildflowers.

Eden is well set up for film and photo shoots. We have power to most areas (including the Biomes), good vehicle access for unloading equipment, plenty of parking, aerial platforms in the Biomes and in-house catering. Under certain circumstances, arrangements can also be made for out-of-hours shoots and for aerial filming and photography (with an abseiling camera operator, a drone or a helicopter). Eden also boasts the longest zip wire in England, which flies over both of the Biomes. Cameras can be used on the zip wire, provided they are securely attached.

On all shoots, a member or members of the Eden team will accompany you to help ensure everything goes smoothly.

Key Features:

  • Gardens
  • Exotic Plants
  • Biomes
  • Zip wire

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